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If you're here on your retro computer, whether it be a PC or Mac, welcome! You've come to the right place to find some useful downloads and websites for your device.

Windows flag Windows downloads
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Tux - the Linux mascot Linux downloads

Other old tech websites

Bolded websites will work on old web browsers.
Non-bolded websites will require a modern web browser to visit.

For all systems

WinWorldPC - Provides many game and software downloads for older operating systems
MCbx Old Computer Collection - Info about some old computers and some software downloads
The Old Net - An Internet Archive-like website, but made specifically to work on older systems and browsers

Windows flag For Windows PCs

Thinkpads.com - Info about ThinkPad laptops, a forum, and old ThinkPad drivers, software, and manuals
OS Vault - Windows OS downloads (beta & stable), software, and theme downloads
MSFN Forum - Forum for all things Windows-related, including user-made utilities and things for old Windows versions
HTAsoft.com - Website with various random application downloads and Windows 98 SE updates
Windows Vista Extended Kernel - Official website for the Windows Vista Extended Kernel project

Apple logo For Macs

Mac84.net - More Mac-related website links and some downloads
AppleFool.com - Classic Mac networking guide and downloads
Macintosh Garden - Provides many downloads for old Mac games and software
System 7 Today - A website dedicated to System 7
MacFixer - Great vintage Mac software for the Apple II to Mac OS 9.2.2

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Last updated: 11/27/2022
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